How much can I get back?

It depends on the sale price and the comission rate of the broker. For an average american home and an average comission of about 6% you can expect somewhere around $500 cash back. Use our handy CashBack Estimator to get a better idea of what you can expect to get back.

There's a catch right?

Well.. You will have to spend a few minutes of your time answering a few very short questions. Click on Get Started to see the questions. This is NOT A SURVEY, just your name etc. Short sweet and to the point. :)

So how does it work?

Check out our How It Works page

Do I qualify?

If you are currently working with a REALTOR? we cannot do business with you. It would be against the law and highly unethical for us to do so. Also, we can only conduct business within the United States and Canada, but foreign buyers are welcome.

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