We give you Cash Back

Lets say for example you are buying a house for $100,000 and the listing agency's commision rate is 6% or $6,000. The listing agency will usually split their commision 50/50 with the buyers agent/broker (that's your broker) or $3,000 and you get nothing back.

On the other hand, if we refered you to the buyer's agent, we would get a 25% comission of the buyer's broker comission or $750 as our referral fee. We then simply split our comission with you 50/50 or $375 in the form of a cash back rebate at closing. It's our way of saying THANK YOU for giving us your business.

$100,000 - Sale price of home
  $6,000 - Comission at 6% rate

$3000 - To sellers broker $6000 - 50%
$2250 - To buyers broker  $3000 - 25%
 $375 - Referral fee to us $750 - 50%
 $375 - Cash Back to you
Keep in mind that the above is just an example. Many homes in the US sell for well over 100 thousand, meaning a larger rebate to you. Plus, if you are selling AND buying. You can get paid on both ends of those transactions. Whatever your situation may be. We can refer you to a great Realtor, AND give you cash back at closing with no cost or obligation to you.

We find you an agent

We are a referral agency and have alliances with highly reputable real estate firms across North America. Some offices include Affiliates of Christie?s Great Estates, Warren Buffett owned offices and offices managed by past Realtor Association Presidents and Board of Directors.

Let us to do the work of finding you an agency that can help you best. We can match you with an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor based on your location of interest and individual requirements.

Now that's a sweet deal

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